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History of Spintastics Skill Toys, Inc.  R 

The birth of Spintastics Skill Toys actually began with the birth of the Technic yo-yo in the summer of 1995. Dale Oliver’s dream of producing the perfect player’s yo-yo – one that was not only perfect for the beginner, but also perfect for the professional player, and at the perfectly affordable price had just become a reality. Designed predominantly for his renowned Science of Spin TM (SoS) program, to be best for kids, now was catching the eye of professional and competitive players as well.

It did not take long for the retail market to take notice, or for Dale to realize that with his extensive travel schedule presenting the SoS program to over 40,000 elementary and middle school students nationwide per year, he needed to expand his one man operation. In 1996, he decided to offer his most successful SoS demonstrator, Valerie Krantz (now Valerie Oliver), from Minneapolis, Minnesota, the opportunity to join talents and form Spintastics Skill Toys, Inc. As well as yo-yo and demonstration skills, Valerie brought with her a Business Administration degree and over fifteen years of computer and management experience. This, teamed up with Dale’s world class performance style, teaching ability and his remarkable foresight in research and development, quickly placed Spintastics in the top 5 U.S. yo-yo manufacturers, making it the only manufacturer of a yo-yo owned and designed by a world champion player himself.

Spintastics’ first purpose was to further develop and market its SoS program. A full Interdisciplinary Yo-Yo Curriculum was written, carrying yo-yoing into the educational disciplines of Social Studies (history), Language Arts, Physical Education, Math and Science. Demonstrators were trained and supported nationwide, producing a consistent and educational program to schools across the country. The success of this program since 1989 has proven its steadfast appeal to schools and children, regardless of the cyclical popularity of yo-yos through the retail setting. This basic focus forms a solid foundation for Spintastics, assuring its presence in the years to come.

Spintastics’ second purpose was to develop, market and sell the highest quality and most reasonably priced yo-yos on the market. Dale designed Dale Oliver’s Signature line including the Technic, Tornado, TigerShark and Torch yo-yos with incredible success. New products ensued, including the auto-return SpinWizard, Revolver, Great White, Maelstrom and a full line of spinning tops. Spintastics was the first company to introduce a true ball bearing spin top, greatly increasing the number of tricks that can be done with a top. The Sidewinder and Blizzard come with a ‘rip cord’ spinner which allows students to learn the multiple tricks that can be done much easier without even throwing the top. In 2007 Dale brought out the Quicksilver aluminum spin top which quickly became a must-have for top throwing enthusiasts. In 2001, Dale with help from his Japanese student Takahiko Hasegawa, introduced the Spinabolo. The Spinabolo is a one-way bearing diabolo which makes the skill toy much faster spinning and much easier to learn. That toy has gained worldwide popularity. Dale continues to work on new designs for yo-yos, spin tops, Spinabolos and other spinning skill toys.

As word of mouth spread the name of Spintastics, staff and shipping locations increased in the Midwest. In 1997, Spintastics relocated and is now a Texas corporation based in Euless, Texas. In addition to its U.S. based manufacturing facilities, Spintastics manufacturers yo-yos in Taiwan and mainland China and is now marketing Spintastics’ yo-yos worldwide with distributions throughout western Europe, Australia, South America, Canada and Japan.

Spintastics maintains the Science of Spin TM
school program and continues to supply products to professional skill toy demonstrators as well as school physical education programs across the country.