FREE Science assembly and all-day P.E. clinics
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Potential & Kinetic Energy
Gyroscopic Stability
Planes of Spin
Distribution of Mass
Rotational Inertia
Transfer of Energy
Simple Systems



Eye/Hand Coordin
Catching Skills
Fine Motor
Bilateral Proficiency
Visual Tracking
Benefits of Practice
ADD / ADHD Focus

See your students engaged as they learn,
like you've never seen them before!

Our assembly reinforces:
TEKS & other state's Science Objectives
Texas SCOPE curriculum

Science of Spin includes it all:

1. All school assembly including 1/2 hour of
   solid science
2. Hands-on skill building in your K-6 P.E. 
    classes for the remainder of the day
3. Interdisciplinary yo-yo curriculum available
    intergrating math, science, language arts
    and social studies

    NO FEE option    (by far the preferred
    choice of most schools)                     
full day

Science that kids can relate to, demonstrated with wheels, footballs, yo-yos, spin tops, flying discs & gyroscopes & more!



The program consists of an entertaining and educational assembly (60 min), followed by hands-on instructional clinics in your P.E. classes for the balance of the day. The first half of the assembly, suitable for all ages, is titled SPIN FUN AND SAFETY. The second segment, suitable for students in grades 3 and up, is the SCIENCE OF SPIN. Using multiple demonstrations with a variety of spinning objects and class participation, students are introduced to the physics concepts of spin as listed above.  FREE multiple assemblies are also available upon request.

See what school personnel have to say about the Science of Spin

The NO FEE option: The choice of most schools!
Schools obligation is to provide for sale of yo-yos/spin tops through the PTA, P.E. Department, school store or other school venue and allow yo-yo/spin top practice during recess periods and/or P.E. classes for a minimum of one week. Product prices range from $7-$12 and NO MINIMUM sale amount is required in order for this program to be FREE. Products have only to be available to the students for the one week minimum following the program. Science of Spin pays all required sales taxes. Should you desire, you may increase prices slightly in order to receive 10% of the total sale back for your school or PE department.

The FEE option:
The program is available without the yo-yo/spin top sales and recess play for the regular price of $895 plus travel expenses, or $550 for the assembly only, plus travel expenses.

PROGRAM SELECTION: 1) Assembly and PE clinics
                                    2) Assembly only
                                    3) PE clinics only

Meet your 'Science of Spin' Masters
presenting nationwide for over 15 years

Invite a Professional into your P.E. classes

100% participation

100% of the time

Yo-Yos/Tops provided for classes

Success & Safety are the Rules

Valerie Oliver, VP
2003 World Female Spin Top Champion
1972 Minnesota State Yo-Yo Champion
2006 World Award for Yo-Yo Excellence

Dale Oliver, President
1992 World Yo-Yo Champion
National Yo-Yo Grand Master
2006 Silver Medal Spin Top Champion

Compare this instructional program with other yo-yo shows:
  • The educational Science of Spin presentation. Nothing else like it.
  • The spintastic performance of champions who have toured throughout the U.S. and the WORLD teaching the art of yo-yoing and top spinning.
  • Exclusive state-of-the-art take-apart yo-yos that solve tangled string problems and are pre-adjusted for beginners play The best you can buy...and guaranteed.
  • Not just a show, but an exciting science performance and an all-day instructional program with hands-on skill building.
Other yo-yo programs simply entertain.
Science of Spin is the ONLY program that also contains
both an Academic and Physical Education component.
Choose wisely!

For more information and for scheduling, our professional 'Science of Spin' presenters are:

TX Valerie Oliver
MN Dave Schulte
FL Jennifer Baybrook
all others Valerie Oliver

Excellent references are available upon request.

Open .pdf files to view / print with option to download:
1. Program Information Sheet for Texas schools
2. Program Information Sheet for non-Texas schools
3. NEW 2010 TEKS Science Objectives K-5 as addressed in the Science of Spin
4. NEW 2010 TEKS Grades 6-8 Science Objectives as addressed in the Science of Spin
5. P.E. Spin Top Curriculum
6. Interdisciplinary Yo-Yo Curriculum
     a. Introduction
     b. Social Studies (History)
     c. Language Arts
     d. Math
     e. Science
     f. Art
 7. Spin Top History
 8. Yo-Yo Trick Sheet
 9. Yo-Yo Trick Sheet (Spanish)
 10. Spin Top Trick Sheet