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Winding the Top

Spintastics Spin Top
Contest Level Tricks
Award System Tricks

Black indicates extension of trick,
not required for patch.

8-Trick Top Award
Spinner (shown with Target)
Target (shown with Spinner)
Scoop (slow motion)
Hackey Top (and to foot)
Arm Walker
Merry Go Round
Crazy Eight (Merry Go Round and Crazy 8 are shown together)

16-Trick Top Award
Wire Walker
Rock the Baby (slow motion)
Subway (also DiveBomber)
Texas Cowboy
Rollercoaster to Hand (3) (also shows to string)
Hop the Fence (slow motion)

24-Trick Top Award
Around the World (slow motion)
Wire Walker 2
Trapeze behind back
Blizzard (also shows Blizzard Maze)
Rollercoaster to string (10)
Drumbeat (10)

Double Trouble Tricks
Double SkyRocket
Split & Catch
Twin Boomerang (around the Back)
Twin Boomerang (with Cap the Bottle)
Twin Boomerang (under Leg)
Twin Merry-Go-Round

Sample Freestyles
Miguel Correa - bearing
Dave Bazan - easy fixed
Dave Bazan - intermediate fixed


Championship Trick Ladder

Spinner (shown with Target)
Target to flying disc (shown with Spinner)
Skyrocket (one or two hands)
Merry Go Round (3) (shown with Crazy8)
Arm Walker
Trapeze (any mount)

Crazy Eights (shown with MerryGoRound)
Wirewalker 2 (fixed tip)
Rock the Baby (slow motion)
Through the Subway (also DiveBomber)
Hop the Fence (slow motion)
Corkscrew (3 revolutions) (with Gyro Flop)
Rollercoaster to hand (3) (also to string)
Around the World (use whole string) (slow motion)

Drumbeat (10) (fixed tip)
Rollercoaster to string (15) (fixed tip)
Lasso from boomerang
One hand Trapeze (any mount)
Whip catch from Trapeze
Trapeze with somersault
Behind the back Trapeze into Lasso
Upside down Crazy Eights (2) (from Trapeze)

Other and More Advanced
Boomerang to behind Catch
Bermuda Triangle
Horizontal Whip
Gyroscopic Flop
One hand Lasso
Joker Choker (slow motion)
Wirewalker to Crazy Eights
Multiple one hand Trapeze
Walking Rollercoaster
Rollercoaster behind back
Eli Hops
Atom Smasher
Hand Spiral
Side throw Trapeze (slow motion)
Trapeze with Somersault
Planet Hop (slow motion)
Upside Down Merry-Go-Round

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Thanks to our Video stars:
Dave Bazan - 2002 National and World Spin Top Champion
Dale Oliver - 2000 2nd Place Spin Top Champion
Valerie Oliver - 2002 National Sport Division Top Champion
Eric Hesterman Lone Star Spinners
Danika Krantz - Lone Star Spinners
Preston Herman - Lone Star Spinners
Miguel Correa - Lone Star Spinners

 Updated:  July 24, 2015