Hi Spinners,
    Well...this is a bittersweet moment for us.  To just come straight out with it, we've decided to discontinue club meetings indefinitely.
    The club was originally started to support both existing and beginning players.  In general, it became a meeting of a very few diehard members (who we LOVE BTW!) and a few new players each meeting...but not with the consistency that we wished to have to develop players who had a serious love of yo-yoing, which we would want to wholeheartedly support and teach.   While we enjoyed the meetings, they really didn't accomplish the goals for that we had set out for the club.  In scheduling a monthy meeting, we also found that it curtailed other trips that we often need to take in order to promote our Science of Spin school program and our Spintastics wholesale operation.   So, we sadly say that we are no longer going to be able to continue the Lone Star Spinners club meetings.
    Please know that we are always available to you for phone, email or in-person yo-yo help and for yo-yo products.
    Happy yo-yoing to you all and we hope to see you again in the future.  Keep us updated on your progress...and for sure...keep yo-yoing!
Val and Dale Oliver
Dale yopro@spintastics.com 
Val   valerieyo@spintastics.com

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