Team Spintastics Awards Program

Team Spintastics Award System: This program is designed to promote and prolong the interest in yo-yos by providing FREE embroidered patches as incentives to players through RETAIL and CLUB based Spintastics Testing Sites across the country. Retail outlets enjoy the benefits of this interest by providing a venue for players to perform a series of tricks to earn 8, 16, and 24 Trick, Instructor and 2-Hand Team Spintastics patches. This program has also been developed for and welcomed by the European market under the name of Team Euro, and sponsored by Spintastics.

Due to the differing popularity of tricks among yo-yo players, we have developed 2 separate yo-yo trick lists to earn Spintastics patches.
Click here for a list of required tricks for both yo-yo lists as well as the spin top list!

Yo-Yo Award List 1 has more traditional yo-yo tricks, consisting of more repetitions as well as more classic "looping" tricks.
Click here
to view or download a .PDF file of Yo-Yo Patch Application 1

 Yo-Yo Award List 2 consists of less repetitions as well as more of the recently popular "string" tricks.  These trick also more accurately follow the standard yo-yo trick ladders for American Yo-Yo Association sponsored contests.
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to view or download a .PDF file of Yo-Yo Patch Application 2

If you do not find a testing center near you, you may either:
Send a videotape or DVD
of yourself doing the required tricks to:
Spintastics Skill Toys, Inc.
5709 Springtide Drive
Fort Worth, TX  76135
Email a video file to:

Team Spintastics Award System is also available for spinning tops.

Click here
to view or download a .PDF file of the Spin Top Patch Application

Click here for a list of testing centers

Team Spintastics Award Program is ideal for retailers, yo-yo clubs, recreation departments and elementary physical education departments

Any retailer who wishes to participate in this learning incentive program need only familiarize themselves with the required tricks as they are performed in the new Spinology™ instructional video. They need not be able to perform the tricks, but only to be able to identify that a trick is done correctly. Spintastics manages the distribution of patches. Interested retailers should contact Spintastics:

phone: 817-400-9696 
fax: 817-768-8925